eLearning: Learning Management System + Student Information System

With over 2,000+ users (Students, Teachers, Parents &  School Admins) and counting, ATA provides most complete and valuable eLearning content to Tamil Learning students.

What Else? We Have The Best eLEarning Platform Around for Tamil Language

  • ATA provide the Learning Management System (LMS) access to all its registered schools and current Teachers/Students/Parents.
  • ATA LMS consist of 2 major software which were integrated seamlessly with single sign-on, they are OpenSIS and Moodle.
  • OpenSIS provides the School and Student Management System which holds the Student master data and modules like Attendance, Schedule, Grading, Billing, EasyCom & Library.
  • eLearning content is delivered via Moodle which is integrated seamlessly with OpenSIS. OpenSIS link the course level with Teacher and their students, this is replicated in Moodle with respective content for each Nilai.

  • As of Sep 2015, ATA has interactive eLearning content for both classroom text books and weekly Homework for its primary levels Mazhalai, Nilai1, Nilai2, Nilai2 & Nilai3.
  • ATA also has all the higher level homework as Moodle quizzes for higher levels Nilai4, 5, 6 & 7.

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