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ATA provides all the educational resources to teach Tamil language irrespective of the school size. The infrastructure include standard curriculum, printed books, School/Learning Management Software with communication tools and plethora of performance tracking tools, interactive learning tools, evaluation materials for trimesters etc. ATA could provide teacher training and offer support in Accreditation process. In other words, if the school management can bring in teacher volunteers and classroom amenities with the complete educational resource and support provided by ATA, the school would be ready to function successfully from day one.

Process and Standardization.

ATA provides structure to teach Tamil language in an organized, methodical manner with proven education standards using modern technologies. Since inception, ATA was committed to continuous improvement. To achieve this, ATA has adopted world class standards mandated by premier educational standards like AdvancED. The syllabus and course materials were structured so that students at various levels undergo set number of basic instructional hours at class and home. To facilitate the self-learning experience, various technical educational tools are used. In addition, online access provided to the students and their parents so that they can track their progress and performance. Various proven school management tools are included, so that the individual schools can spend more time on education than worrying about running the school itself. All these are packaged and readily available, so that by simply following the syllabus and standards set by ATA, an individual school can achieve their goals and rest assured with the support provided by ATA.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

ATA is committed to continuously improve the quality of Tamil language education by training its teachers periodically, enhance the curriculum and adopt state of the art software. ATA is also committed to provide enhanced learning experience for any individual willing to learn Tamil in North America and to provide the educational support required by teachers and school admin.

Long Term Goals.

Make every school district in the USA accept Tamil as a second language and award suitable language credits. Liaise with US universities teaching Tamil, so any willing student who wishes to pursue with University language credits can be benefited. Systematically develop and build a self-learning interactive curriculum, so a person in the remotest place can learn Tamil.

How could you help?

We request you to join the combined efforts of more than 90+ schools in USA. ATA is volunteer based non-profit organization catering greater and common needs of various Tamil Schools in various states. You can help with the common cause in whatever the simplest way possible, the first help would be, being part of it. You can share your experience and provide expertise to design the great curriculum and syllabus. This will considerably reduce the effort of individual schools. Every student, teacher and parents can benefit, from this combined and unified effort. Ultimately together we can make future generations of the USA embrace, learn and benefit from the great classical language, TAMIL.

Books Set

Exclusive ATA books for all students

Lesson Book & Work Book

Exclusive ATA books for all “Kindergarten to Grade 7” Students

OMS + SIS + LMS (Optional Services)

Order Management System for ordering books for students, Student Information System and Learning Management System with Interactive eLessons.

Tools for Every School

Order Management System for ordering books for students, Student Information System and Learning Management System with Interactive eLessons.


Trimester Evaluations, SURWEP and Teacher training.

Teacher Training

Trimester evaluations, SURWEP and Teacher training.


Helping with Tamil Schools getting Accreditation.


Helping with Tamil Schools getting Accreditation.